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XIII National Congress of Cardiology 2012

The National Congress of Cardiology is a conference dedicated to advences and developments in the field of cardiology including Heart Failure, Preventive Cardiology, Images in Cardiology, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Arrhythmia and Pacing, Interventional Cardiology, ESC Guidelines Implementation, Cardiovascular Surgery, Valve Disease and Grown-Up Congenital Heart Disease (GUCHD).

The National Congress of Cardiology brings together cardiology specialists from Bulgaria and other countries.


20 - 190 EUR

Abstract submission deadline

May 24th, 2012



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Pan American Heart Failure Congress 2012

Pan American Heart Failure Congress deals with drugs and devices of monitoring heart failure, detect evidence of worsening, recognition and intervention in high risk patients and more...

Early registration date

April 05th, 2012



Abstract submission deadline

February 15th, 2012



Lancement d'une grande campagne contre le mal de dos - Sciences et Avenir

Sciences et Avenir

Lancement d'une grande campagne contre le mal de dos
Sciences et Avenir
L'Assurance maladie lance une grande campagne contre le mal de dos pour aider les Français à mieux le soulager et le prévenir. 0 réactions. Lancement d'une grande campagne contre le mal de dos. © Maria Fuchs / Cultura Creative / AFP. 0 réactions.
Mal de dos : "Le bon médicament, c'est l'activité physique"Franceinfo
L'Assurance Maladie s'engage contre le mal de dosPourquoi Docteur ?
Bouger aide à soigner le mal de dosLa Croix -Le Point -Doctissimo -LCI

Heart, Vessels and Diabetes - The European Conference (3rd edition)

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is our distinct pleasure to announce the third edition of the Heart, Vessels and Diabetes European Conference to be held in Budapest (Hungary) from 6 to 8 December, 2012.

Our world is facing an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, a population at high risk of cardiovascular complications. It is therefore necessary to promote in depth discussions and collaborations amongst all the professionals concerned by the management of these patients: cardiologists, diabetologists, nephrologists, neurologists and internists.

Our ambition is that the Heart, Vessels and Diabetes Conference becomes the European reference on both cardiovascular and diabetes related issues by the creation of a unified forum where all specialists will attend common sessions and share their experience. The scientific program will include lectures, debates and clinical case presentations. European experts will discuss the latest developments of clinical trials and clinical research and will examine their implications for daily practice.

This event of very high scientific standard with a panel of European key opinion leaders will gather a large audience of about 1.000 practitioners in cardiology, diabetes, lipids, blood pressure and related fields. As you will read hereafter, the members of the Scientific Committee are among some of the most prestigious and renowned cardiologists and diabetologists in order to ensure the highest scientific level to the sessions.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Office PLB Organisation Inc. at:

Looking forward to meeting you very soon, we remain,

Sincerely yours,

Pr Michel KOMAJDA and Pr Bernard CHARBONNEL


Comité d'organisation

Organizing Committee
Mr Pascal LE BORGNE (PLB. Organisation Inc.)

Comité scientifique

Conference Co-Chairmen

Scientific Committee
Pr Michael BÖHM (Germany)
Pr Bernard CHARBONNEL (France)
Pr Michel KOMAJDA (France)
Pr Béla MERKELY (host country: Hungary)
Pr Luis RUILOPE (Spain)
Pr Eberhard STANDL (Germany)
Pr Michal TENDERA (Poland)

Une mutation rare permettrait aux Amish de vivre plus longtemps - Sciences et Avenir

Sciences et Avenir

Une mutation rare permettrait aux Amish de vivre plus longtemps
Sciences et Avenir
Plusieurs membres de la communauté Amish de Berne possèdent un gène SERPINE-1 muté qui serait responsable de l'allongement de leur espérance de vie et de leur bonne santé. 0 réactions. Amish. Plusieurs Amish possèderaient un gène SERPINE-1 ...
Les Amish ont un secret pour vivre longtemps : une mutation génétique très rareL'Obs
Pourquoi les Amish vivent-ils plus longtemps ?SciencePost
Les Amish détiennent peut-être le secret de la longévitéTopSanté
VSD -Papergeek -euronews

ISCAT - 9th International Symposium on Catheter Ablation Techniques


The Ninth Annual International Symposium on Catheter Ablation Techniques will be held in Paris, 24-26 September 2012.

Over the last 16 years, the field of Electrophysiology and Catheter Ablation has rapidly evolved, experiencing profound changes in indications, techniques and technologies.Iscat aims to give an overview of the field of catheter ablation providing access to the best scientific knowledge.

The first half day, Monday morning, will be devoted to “classical” electrophysiology and catheter ablation. At the request of many participants in previous editions, we will use these sessions to explore both the basics and current trends of this field.

Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday will be fully dedicated to the International Symposium on ” The Fibrillating Heart “ with internationally renowned leaders in the field. All technical and clinical aspects of current methods for ablation of atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmias will be discussed.

Importantly, the very popular sessions dedicated to the laboratory technicians will be reinforced. Finally, we will increase the time devoted to electrophysiologists in training with the help of the Reunion of European countries for the Treatment of Arrhythmias in Cardiology (RETAC) in highly practical sessions. As for the previous editions, the Rythmology and Stimulation Group of the French Society of Cardiology and EHRA will contribute significantly to our programme.

We do hope that you have enjoyed the previous editions and we will be very happy to welcome you again or perhaps for the first time in Paris in the Fall of 2012.


Pr. E. ALIOT            Pr. M. HAÏSSAGUERRE          Pr. C. de CHILLOU            Pr. P. JAÏS


Comité scientifique

E. ALIOT, Nancy - FRA


O. BERNUS, Bordeaux - FRA

J.A. CABRERA, Madrid - ESP

R. CORONEL, Amsterdam - NED

C. de CHILLOU, Nancy - FRA


Sabine ERNST, London - GBR




Mélèze HOCINI, Pessac - FRA

Y. IESAKA, Tokyo - JAP

W. JACKMAN, Oklahoma City - USA

P. JAÏS, Pessac - FRA

P. KIRCHHOF, Birmingham - GBR


F. MARCHLINSKI, Philadelphia - USA

K. NADEMANEE, Los Angeles - USA

S. NARAYAN, San Diego - USA

P. NEUZIL, Praha - TCH

R. RAZAVI, London - GBR


F. SACHER, Pessac - FRA

N. SADOUL, Nancy - FRA

N. SAOUDI, Moncao - MCO

M. SERMESANT, Sophia Antipolis - FRA

A. SHAH, Pessac - FRA


Katja ZEPPENFELD, Leiden - NED


Lévothyrox : que fait Emmanuel Macron ? -

Lévothyrox : que fait Emmanuel Macron ?
Paris, le jeudi 16 novembre 2017 ? Puisque les tribunaux peuvent (en partie) fonder leur jugement sur une visite ponctuelle dans une pharmacie, qu'il nous soit permis ici de nous baser sur une expérience restreinte pour apprécier le sentiment actuel ...
Lévothyrox : Lèguevaques écrit à la
Levothyrox : Emmanuel Macron interpelléFémin Actu
Gérard Bapt : "Si il n'y a pas d'alternative au Lévothyrox, c'est la faute de l'Agence nationale du Médicament"France Bleu

Cardiostim 2012 - 18th World Congress in Electrophysiology & Cardiac Techniques


Every two years in Nice, French Riviera, Cardiostim allows the delegates to learn, be trained and find concrete answers for their practices through a top quality program, mixing communication about the latest findings, case studies and CME sessions.

Cardiostim is also the landmark exhibition where the entire community discovers the most innovative medical devices.

Cardiostim contributes to the scientific research at the highest level, thanks to a strict selection of abstracts from all over the world. 

Individual registration for Cardiostim 2012 is open on ! Deadline to benefit from the early bird fees: April 5, 2012!



The Pre-Announcement is available online on the Cardiostim website Discover the premise of the program of this 18th Edition!

Les grands-parents, mauvais pour la santé de leurs petits-enfants ? - Magic Maman

Magic Maman

Les grands-parents, mauvais pour la santé de leurs petits-enfants ?
Magic Maman
Les grands-parents font souvent tout leur possible pour soulager les parents d'enfants en bas âge. Mais à en croire une étude publiée ce mercredi 15 novembre par des chercheurs de l'Université de Glasgow, nos aïeuls auraient, en fait, un impact négatif ...
Certains grands-parents auraient une influence néfaste sur la santé de leurs
Les grands-parents sont-ils dangereux pour la santé des enfants ?Economie Matin
Les grands-parents seraient mauvais pour la santé de leurs petits-enfantsOhmymag
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